Thursday, 22 March 2018

Write a selfie poem to celebrate our differences!

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Slam Poetry: Research slam poetry and how it is different from other kinds of poetry
Slam Poetry Links:
1. Definition and Examples
2. Examples

Write a Selfie Poem
– Take a  photo or draw a self-portrait of yourself
– Write a “Selfie Poem” that tells all the things that make you special. Here is a template you can use:
Selfie Poem–Template
I am… (two special characteristics)
I understand… (something you know is true)
I worry… (something you worry about)
I believe… (something you believe)
I hope… (something you hope)
I am… (repeat your first line)
I am… (two special characteristics)
I dream about… (something you dream about)
I wonder… (something you’re curious about)
I try… (something you try to do)
I want… (something you want)
I am… (repeat your first line)
– If you want to be creative, use Canva to put the poem over your photo: on this canvas
Host a Class Talent Show
Select one talent you’d like to share with your classmates (vlogging video)

Post your poems and photos on the canvas